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C & B Asphalt specializes in Ogden asphalt paving contractor services from asphalt overlay to asphalt removal & replacement, asphalt repair to maintenance. We’ve had many commercial and residential clients in Ogden, let’s make you the next one, serving Weber, Davis, Box Elder and Cache Counties in Northern Utah.

Top Notch Asphalt Solutions in Ogden, UT

At C&B Asphalt in Ogden, Utah, we are committed to delivering high-quality asphalt solutions suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Our experienced team focuses on services that not only enhance the durability and functionality of your pavement but also improve its overall appearance, ensuring it withstands the challenges of both time and weather. We also extend these services to the surrounding areas of Layton, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, and Logan.

Our Ogden Asphalt Services:


Asphalt Overlay

Enhance the durability and appearance of your pavement with our professional asphalt overlay services. This cost-effective method is ideal for extending the life of driveways, parking lots, and roadways without the need for complete reconstruction. Our overlays are expertly applied, providing a renewed surface that is both visually appealing and long-lasting.

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

Trust the experts at C&B Asphalt for the efficient removal of old or damaged asphalt, followed by the installation of a fresh, smooth surface. We handle all aspects of asphalt removal and replacement, focusing on safety and functionality while minimizing disruption to your daily operations.

Asphalt Maintenance

Protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your asphalt with our comprehensive maintenance services. We provide professional sealcoating, crack sealing, and regular inspections, essential for preventing further damage and costly repairs, while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your pavement.

Asphalt Paving

Transform your property with our expert asphalt paving services. Whether it’s for new construction or renovations, our paving services are designed to enhance curb appeal, functionality, and longevity. We ensure a smooth, durable finish that meets your specific requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Asphalt Repair

Address common issues like potholes, cracks, and surface deterioration with our skilled technicians. At C&B Asphalt, we use the latest techniques and high-quality materials to effectively repair and restore your asphalt surfaces, quickly returning them to pristine condition and ensuring safety.

Why Choose C&B Asphalt?

Experience and Expertise: With extensive experience serving the Ogden community, our team is well-equipped to manage any asphalt challenge, large or small.

Quality Materials and Equipment: We consistently use the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the best results.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction motivates us to provide dependable, efficient, and tailored services that meet your specific needs and budget.

Local Expertise: As a local business, we understand the unique challenges faced by pavements in Ogden, UT, and tailor our services to best address these needs.

When it comes to asphalt paving solutions you can trust, look no further than C&B Asphalt. With our unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and excellence in every project we undertake, we’re proud to be Ogden’s preferred choice for all asphalt needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you pave the way to success.


Most asphalt parking lots and highways are designed to last around 20 years. If any further time passes, the chance of routine failure, cracks, and potholes increases many times over. Wear and tear on asphalt can be caused by many things such as overweight trucks, constant vehicle traffic, water, and age.


If you want to extend your pavement’s life, then have periodic asphalt sealcoating performed. Sealcoating helps cover minor cracks and pores that have the potential to escalate into significant problems. Our experts recommend sealcoating once every three to five years to protect the pavement from the elements. Sealcoating is also a great way to extend your pavement’s lifespan; it is one of the most widely recommended maintenance procedures as it guarantees pavement longevity and safeguards your investment.

Sealcoating also rejuvenates the pavement’s beautiful blacktop. Years of use means that your surface loses its initial charm; sealcoating helps you regain it, adding value to your property, giving it a much-needed curb appeal.


Asphalt overlay is a feasible and cost-efficient option for repairing minor surface damages to your pavement such as small cracks, rutting, depressions caused by large vehicles, some water damage, potholes, and so on. The basic concept of the asphalt overlay process involves simply placing a new layer of asphalt aggregate on top of the existing asphalt that’s showing signs of disrepair. In some cases, the existing asphalt might require some milling prior to installing the new layer, especially if there’s been water damage or water drainage issues that result in standing water. Before applying the new layer of asphalt, you need to ensure that all excess water has been properly removed or drained. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with potentially more significant and costly water damage and internal asphalt erosion in the future at which point complete asphalt removal and replacement might be necessary.


Asphalt removal and replacement is exactly what it sounds like. Also known as R & R. Sometimes, your asphalt pavement might be so deteriorated that repairing it would be a waste of your time, money, efforts, and resources. In these cases, an asphalt overlay or seal coating isn’t the best solution to your problem because it won’t adequately address or correct any of the internal structural weaknesses that your asphalt is exhibiting. Instead, an overlay would simply provide an ineffective “Band-Aid solution” for a much bigger problem. At this point seal coating would only provide curb appeal.  For instance, if you’re contending with sizable cracks, deep potholes, extensive water damage, or large oil spills that have penetrated the surface of the asphalt and caused severe internal damage, then it’s time to consider an asphalt removal and replacement. This entails completely removing the existing severely damaged asphalt that’s probably seen much better days and replacing it with a newer, stronger, and more structurally sound layer of asphalt aggregate. Depending on the extent and depth of the damage incurred, you might even need to apply more road base and thicker asphalt in order to make it more effective and ensure its longevity.


Choosing between a simple and convenient asphalt overlay or a potentially more complex replacement isn’t necessarily an obvious decision. In some cases, where you might think the damage is only on the surface, there could be impending and unpredictable internal damage that’s difficult to detect. Here are a few instances in which you should consider either an asphalt overlay or replacement:


Cracks and Water Damage

As mentioned, some cracks aren’t major points of contention against the preservation, longevity, and structural integrity of your asphalt. Smaller cracks can easily be filled. If there are multiple small cracks, they should be filled immediately to prevent them from widening, spreading to other areas, or causing greater internal damage and eventually compromising the structural foundation of your pavement. Larger, more widespread cracks that go very deep beneath the surface of the pavement might require that portion of the asphalt to be removed and replaced. Cracks can lead to a series of other potentially harmful issues for your asphalt.


Hazardous Conditions

External damages to your asphalt can also lead to extremely hazardous conditions for yourself, your customers, visitors, and anyone else who uses your property. You’re legally liable for any injuries or accidents that occur on your property as a result of poor or lack of proper maintenance including neglected potholes, cracks, rutting, or portions of missing asphalt. You should conduct regular asphalt inspections throughout your property to anticipate and correct any potential damages that could cause physical harm in the future. Not only will this practice provide you with a great deal of peace of mind, but it’s also a good preventative measure against future lawsuits.


Long-Term Savings

The following point can’t be reiterated enough: the more you take care of your asphalt, the more you’ll get out of it and that includes long-term monetary savings. Remember that asphalt removal and replacement is a lot more expensive than seal coating and crack sealing, so implementing occasional repairs to your asphalt is a smart way to save some money in the long run. That said, you also need to be vigilant in terms of identifying the types of damages your asphalt has endured as well as applying the appropriate repairs to remedy those problems. Don’t take any shortcuts for the sake of saving money because this will inevitably end up costing you more later on. It’s better to completely eradicate a problem now rather than letting it worsen over time.

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